Review | Reasons Android Better Then Ios

Why the Android os better than ios.Ios is absolutely good os but In the world about 70% people say Yes! Android Why why why?-The One and only reasons Android absolutely better than that people completely support the Android device.and i am also.
The First Reason:
When you buy an Android You dont Think about storage.Because you will use any capacity of storage. But If you buy a ios you must be think about storage plan.And if you choice 16 GB Bus You cant Changr Your storage.There is no microsd slot and But Android have a slot and you can also change your sd card anytime anywhere.

The second Reson:
Music is must be important for us.Now a days people cant stay without a day.I always use Android that's why ios is very difficult For me.Android Dosen't care where youre music comes and why.But ios care your music must be itunes.
Review | Reasons Android Better Then Ios

The 3rd reason:
If you go some where and your charger doing someting wrong you dont tention if youre Android user.Because Android charging by any data cable.You can use any microusb cable for chargrYour phone.But if you want to charge iphone you can't because you must be use Apple's proprietary lightning cable.that's why i love Android

The 4th reason :
Evryone love to customize own phone any try to better loking.Yes!Android is must bettar in this matter.You can customize Your device More then apple.Very cool themes and gedjet are arenged in Android.Faceock pattern lock etc.

Google always take care auto update the Android os.If Someting wrong google will notufying why the reason For this matter.
and you can always can be use the latest features and version by custom rom.So that's the matter why i like to use Android.
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